My my is that the time now? Well, might as well write something, so here it is.

Looking back at what I’ve wrote at the beginning of 2019, things are pretty much still applicable for a life time.

1. There is a proper way of doing anything, and that's the only way one should ever do it.

Still true, keep true. One must have the courage of upholding consistent high standards, even when it appears unnecessary to some less enlightened groups or individuals.

2. I'd rather be right than taking it easy, always.

Life doesn’t give you shortcuts, never.

3. Live happily, live healthily, stay fit.

Ah, talking about body fat…

4. Be productive, do interesting work.

Last time I checked, the word ‘interesting’ still means something. One could venture into the dangerous territory of glory-seeking and eyeball-grabbing gibber-gabber mumbling jumbling, but it takes more to do the right thing, and more courage ever more so.

5. Stay out of other people's shit.

Now, having been born and raised in Chengdu meant that I was educated from the start to utilise the two cards wisely: ‘it’s none of your beeswax’, and ‘it’s none of my beeswax’.

My god were they more useful than ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

That's it.

I hope myself another productive, happy, healthy year. Stay fit, stay out of trouble.