CMPT413/713 Lecture on Memory Network

On 18 Nov 2021, I gave a lecture on the topic of Memory Network for students taking undergraduate students taking CMPT413 and graduate students taking CMPT713

Link to lecture recording (Password: cmpt413 ): 

Link to slides:


2020 is really an odd year, I’ve watched a lot of people going through it with significant losses, luckily I am doing OK. My only down is that I didn’t get to go back home to visit my family as I usually do, and that’s it. I am not as productive research-wise, my brain shuts down itself when I am not physically in the Lab, being stuck at home really bothers me, but hey, it will pass.

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CMPT 413/825: Neural Machine Translation

Fall 2019 (S3), Simon Fraser University

On 7 Nov. 2019 and 12 Nov. 2019, I gave two lectures to undergrad/grad students regarding the topic of Neural Machine Translation. The materials cover the famous sequence-to-sequence model and attention mechanism proposed by Bahdanau et al. and Luong et al., as well as some useful techniques for improving the performance.

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The Girl in Orange

The girl sitting in front of me is wearing an orange long shirt and a navy blue dress. The buttons on her shirt are not buckled, letting the black low cut T-shirt underneath exposed, but yet still preserve her very mysterious touch of elegance.

It is in the middle of spring, late April. The weather is not hot enough to a degree that is totally unbearable, but it is significantly warmer than march. Flowers are blooming with liveliness, birds are staring to get out of their nests to the just-woken-up sunshine. Continue reading The Girl in Orange


Prelude No.4 in E Minor

This journey despite great expectation at the beginning, did not start with pleasure. It was the summer of 2015, where I landed in Shanghai’s airport. As its transportation terminal, Pudong airport had and will continue to be a place of termination, where one story drowses and another one rises from horizon. The voice of fair-well was not rare here. Continue reading Deutschland