My my is that the time now? Well, might as well write something, so here it is.

Looking back at what I’ve wrote at the beginning of 2019, things are pretty much still applicable for a life time. 2019 weiterlesen

CMPT 413/825: Neural Machine Translation

Fall 2019 (S3), Simon Fraser University

On 7 Nov. 2019 and 12 Nov. 2019, I gave two lectures to undergrad/grad students regarding the topic of Neural Machine Translation. The materials cover the famous sequence-to-sequence model and attention mechanism proposed by Bahdanau et al. and Luong et al., as well as some useful techniques for improving the performance.

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The Girl in Orange

The girl sitting in front of me is wearing an orange long shirt and a navy blue dress. The buttons on her shirt are not buckled, letting the black low cut T-shirt underneath exposed, but yet still preserve her very mysterious touch of elegance.

It is in the middle of spring, late April. The weather is not hot enough to a degree that is totally unbearable, but it is significantly warmer than march. Flowers are blooming with liveliness, birds are staring to get out of their nests to the just-woken-up sunshine. The Girl in Orange weiterlesen


Prelude No.4 in E Minor

This journey despite great expectation at the beginning, did not start with pleasure. It was the summer of 2015, where I landed in Shanghai’s airport. As its transportation terminal, Pudong airport had and will continue to be a place of termination, where one story drowses and another one rises from horizon. The voice of fair-well was not rare here. Deutschland weiterlesen