I am currently a M.Sc. Thesis student (2018 Fall – 2019 Summer) of Prof. Dr. Anoop Sarkar at Simon Fraser University, Canada. I am also the lab admin of SFU Natlang Lab and SFU department of linguistics Language and Brain Lab.

My research interests include Machine Translation, Alignment, Semantic Representations, Syntactic Analysis, etc.

I speak Sìcuānhuà and Mandarin Chinese, English, German, and very very basic French/Italian/Japanese. No, I am not trying to learn all languages of nations ever invaded China in the 20th centuries (Only one more: Russian). So far my favourite language is German because it is the least humorous language while being unintentionally funny.

我是加拿大西门飞沙大学的一名研究型科学硕士学生(M.Sc.,近平6年秋-近平8年春),师从Prof. Dr. Anoop Sarkar。我同时是西门飞沙大学计算机学院自然语言实验室和语言学系语言及大脑实验室的实验室管理员。




Gū, Jetic; Shavarani, Hassan S; Sarkar, Anoop

Top-down Tree Structured Decoding with Syntactic Connections for Neural Machine Translation and Parsing Inproceedings

Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Association for Computational Linguistics, Brussels, Belgium, 2018.

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Gū, Jetic; Mansouri-Bigvand, Anahita; Sarkar, Anoop

An Easily Extensible Word Aligner Artikel

The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, 111 , S. 87–96, 2018, ISSN: 0032-6585.

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