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One is currently an Instructor at the Math & Computer Science Division of Columbia College (Vancouver, BC, Canada). One is also occasionally working as a Teaching Assistant at Simon Fraser University. On this page is a list of all the courses of which I am the instructor. Semesters are described as S1 (CC: Winter, SFU: Spring); S2 (Summer semester); and S3 (Fall semester).

For office hours, due to Covid-19 one is offering them online only at this time. You can take a look at my calendar for office hour schedule or contact me for an appointment. All such office hours will happen through ZOOM (link).

Please make sure you are using a the latest version of FireFox/Chrome/Safari/Edge/IE browser in order to participate in Online Quizzes and Exams.


2020 S3: [CSCI101] Connecting with Computer Science

2020 S3: [CSCI150] Introduction to Digital and Computer System Design

2020 S2: [CSCI150] Introduction to Digital and Computer System Design

2020 S2: [CSCI125] Introduction to Computer Science and Programming II

2020 S1: [CSCI150] Introduction to Digital and Computer System Design