It is never easy to conclude all the fortunate and unfortunately idiotic things that one has done in a year. Yet, one has to do something about it, so here it is.

1. There is a proper way of doing anything, and that’s the only way one should ever do it.

I like this. Hope I can stick to it.

2. I’d rather be right than taking it easy, always.

Live consciously, make the best choices as circumstances permit. Not because it’s the easiest, but most importantly because it’s right.

3. Live happily, live healthily, stay fit.

Nothing more important than that.

4. Be productive, do interesting work.

There are always trivial low-hanging fruits. They are easy, but not necessarily worthy. One should dedicate one’s time to more pressing, more interesting work, explore, wander around, and write papers that people are actually going to read, papers that can make oneself proud.

5. Stay out of other people’s shit.

If one pays too much attention to others’ lives, one wouldn’t have energy to live oneself’s.

I hope myself another productive, happy, healthy year. Stay fit, stay out of trouble.