CSCI101 2020S3 Final Project Proposal

Welcome to the Topic Proposal Submission Page, for CSCI101 (Fall 2020).

Please have all the below information ready:

    1. Student Numbers and your name;
    2. 3 Topics and your convincing explanations of what you want to discuss;
    3. Other comments you'd like me to know.

Each person will only need to submit ONCE on this system. I will assign topics for you if you do not submit. Submission due date is 13 Nov 2020.

Student ID

Please provide 3 Topics and your explanations. In your explanation, you can outline your plans for the research, the reason why you want to do it, basically anything that can convince me that:

  1. this is a good topic;
  2. you are interested in this topic; and
  3. you can do this topic well.

Topic Proposal 1

Topic Proposal 1 Explanation

Topic Proposal 2

Topic Proposal 2 Explanation

Topic Proposal 3

Topic Proposal 3 Explanation