[CSCI150] Lecture 2: Combinational Logic Circuits

Starting from Lecture 2, we will have some separate videos focusing on Tutorials. I will post videos on how to use the software, but sometimes if you do encounter more difficult questions, please contact me for an office hour, or just attend the regular one on Wednesday.

LS4 Part 1 (Lecture): Gates, Operators, Timing Diagram, Truth Table, Gating Delay


  • Gates
    • AND, OR, NOT gates
    • Physical components
  • Operators
    • Differences with physical gates: conceptually speaking, one is mathematical, one is physical simulation
  • Timing Diagram
  • Truth Table
  • Gating Delay
    • Important to know what it is, that it exists

LS4 Part 2 (Tutorial): LogicWorks, Basic circuit drawing and Simulation


  • Basic Interface
    • Simulation I/O, binary switches for inputs, probs for outputs
    • Simulation Gates
  • Timing Diagram control
    • Clock units

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