CSCI 101: Connecting with Computer Science

Fall 2020 (S3), Columbia College

Mon 16:00-17:50;
Wed 16:00-16:50;
Thur 16:00-17:50
Online using Zoom
Columbia College Main Campus
Office Hour
Mon 11:00-12:00;
Wed 11:00-11:30;
Online (Shared)
22 Oct 2020, 16:00-17:50 (Online)
Zoom link will be posted on Moodle.
Links for Assignments and Quizzes can be found in the Curriculum and Slides section.

An overview of the history and fundamentals of computing and the connections with the arts, psychology, and biology. This course provides a thorough and rigorous overview of the fundamental issues concerning both hardware and software. No prior computing background is required.

Textbook and References

Weekly readings may be assigned here. Otherwise you do not need extra textbook.

Curriculum and Slides

The slides will be uploaded after class. I may also introduce modifications to the curriculum itself as we progress.

Links for Assignments and online Quizzes are also posted here. Please check the column on the righthand side.

Week 1
Administration and Course Intro (LS0, LS1);Intro Survey;
Reading 0
Week 2
Lec 1 Introduction to IT (LS2, LS3);
Theories of CS
Assignment 1 out;
Reading 0
Week 3
Lec 2 The World Wide Web (LS4, LS5, LS6);
Utilisation of WWW
Assignment 1 due;
Reading 1,
Week 4
Lec 3 Multimedia Technology (LS7, LS8);
Media, Graphics, etc.
Reading 2,
Reading 3
Week 5
Lec 4 Applications (LS10, LS11, LS12)
Robotics, Bioinformatics, etc.
Assignment 2 out;
Reading 4,
Reading 5,
Reading 6,
Reading 7
Week 6
Lec 5 Research Topics (Project) (LS13, LS14)
Assignment 2 due;
Project release (Survey);
Week 7
Review for Midterm (LS15)
Group Presentation Assignment (LS16)
Week 8
Lec 6 Cloud Computing;
Smart Business, etc.
Presentation: G6; G3;
Assignment 3 out;
Final Proposal Release
Week 9
Lec 7 Artificial Intelligence;
Vision, Language, Cognition, etc.
Presentation: G10, G4, G11
Assignment 3 due;
Final Proposal Due
Week 10
Lec 8 Digital Art;
Conventional Art VS Digital Art
Presentation: G7, G8, G5
Assignment 4 out;
Week 11
Lec 9 Computerised Society;
Social Implications, Privacy, etc.
Presentation: G2, G12, G1
Assignment 4 due;
Week 12
Final Project Presentation
Week 13
Final Essay Submission

Group Presentations

Due to privacy concerns, full list including student information is released on M$ Team’s general channel. Please find #04-2020-1003-401_Group_Assignments.pdf there.

  • G1: Social Media’s Influence on Public Opinion (19 Nov)
  • G2: Privacy (19 Nov)
  • G3: Impact of Social Media Usage on Mental Health (29 Oct)
  • G4: Robotics in Human Society (5 Nov)
  • G5: Effect of Streaming Services on the Music/Motion Picture Industry (12 Nov)
  • G6: Open Education (29 Oct)
  • G7: VR, AR, and Sixth Sense Technologies (12 Nov)
  • G8: Swarm Intelligence (12 Nov)
  • G10: Brain-Computer Interface (5 Nov)
  • G11: Is there any problem with the 3 laws? (5 Nov)
  • G12: Cybercrime Events That The World Will Never Forget (19 Nov)


Assignments + In-class presentation20%
Final Project Presentation15%
Final Essay15%

Additionally, you will need to get at least 50% in the final to pass.

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

I expect all students to uphold the principle of academic honesty. Cheating and plagiarism (presenting another person’s words or ideas as one’s own) are not acceptable behaviour at anywhere. Depending on the severity of the offence such acts can result in a grade of zero on the test or assignment, a failing grade (F) in the course, or expulsion. In all cases, the circumstances and the penalty are recorded in the student’s file.